The social sleep work

Am I an enigmatic person full of secrets when I sleep? Does your soul go for a walk in a distant country at night? What does my soul do when I sleep? Are despots innocent in their sleep? Are we able to change the world while sleeping?

THE SOCIAL SLEEP WORK came to me while sleeping. I woke up and had this wonderful, relaxed feeling after a happy dream. I have to admit that I was a bit tired and upset these days with the way the world is going. And that was before the war in Ukraine! At first I just had to laugh at the idea that the world could get better while you sleep. In German we have the nice expression “etwas im Schlaf können”, which means that you can do something easily and particularly well during sleep. Wonderful idea, to change the world through sleep – but crazy, not feasible and a lot more of not’s and no’s and… I just couldn’t let it go. The idea of a sphere of “bed photos” from all over the world began to excite me. What can we really do to counter this madness in Ukraine and elsewhere in the world? Like setting an example for peace, for change, for the fact that together we can form a powerful force of transformation even without words, without nations, without religion, without money, without fight – just by posting a photo of our beds. Let’s see what happens, let’s do it together, may the night be with us…

One object in particular we commonly identify with sleep. It has accompanied human history from its beginnings and we are familiar with it in all cultures of the world: the bed. THE SOCIAL SLEEP WORK invites everybody to send a photo of their personal resting place. It might be a sleeping area, an outdoor place, a dormitory, a luxury bed, a sleeping bunk, a camp bed, even a chair… The photos will be anonymized and without meta data shared on the project sites on Facebook and Instagram. (You find the buttons at the end of the article) I ask every participant to invite their friends and relatives to this art project as well. All the photos of sleeping places will become an impressive global sphere and evoke questions like: Who slept there? How did she or he look? How do I look in my sleep? Do we all experience the world differently, but sleep the same? Send a photo to

Let's breeze together

In interviews from questions and stories to lullabies, individual audio files are created in many languages. From this I cut personal yet anonymous soundtracks and form from it: a global breezing of sleep. Here are some questions as inspiration. You may answer one or find your own question. Send me an audio file. This is made easy with the tool voice memos on your mobile phone. Send it to

How do you sleep?  Do you have a bedtime ritual?  Do you have a specific pillow?  Do you sleep soundly? Do you dream a lot? Is sleep a mystery to you? Is there a familial or cultural personal connection to sleep? What images or examples can you think of? e.g. sleep sweetly! Are there lullabies sung by parents or grandparents? Are there lullabies, which every child in your homeland knows? Do you believe in a soul? Do you think there is a connection between sleep and your soul? What does your soul do when you sleep? Do you have a male or a female soul? Or both? Are all people the same when they sleep? Thank you for beeing a part of this sphere idea!

facebook und instagram are coming soon